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Dick Tracy: The Making of the Movie
Author Mike Bonifer
Publication date 1990
Published by Bantam Books
ISBN 0553349007
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Dick Tracy: The Making of the Movie was a non-fiction book released in conjunction with the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film.

The book contains many photographs, both full-color and black and white. It includes production stills and behind-the-scenes pictures, as well as interviews with members of the cast and crew.

While the book is useful as reference material, in contains some inaccuracies that affect its credibility. It mis-identifies a drawing of The Mole (who does not appear in the film) as The Rhodent (who does). It also refers to Breathless Mahoney as having appeared in the 1930s, when the character did not debut in the strip until 1945. It also gives Stooge Viller's real name as Edward "Stooge" Barnes.

The book was widely available at the time of its release and can be easily obtained today.