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Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #4 is the fourth and final issue in a 4-issue limited series released by IDW in 2018-2019.

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Tracy teams up with an old flame to clear himself of a murder charge


  • This was the final issue of the Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive miniseries. A subsequent miniseries with a different creative team and a different continuity had been announced prior to its publication.
  • This issue continues the timeline feature from the previous two issues. While generally correct, it includes some mis-characterizations (such as the stating that Bonnie Tracy was born in the back of a cab when she was actually born in a police car, or omitting any direct reference to the creative team changes through the years) and confusing typos (such as stating that Lizz was killed in 1956 and resurrected in the 1970s, or that Itchy appeared in 1964).
  • Several variant covers for this issue were produced.
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