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The man known as Diamonds was a successful criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He was a large man with wavy dark hair. He had an affinity for diamonds, and he wore diamond stubs in his nose and ears. He also had diamonds mounted on his teeth.

Diamonds had been cellmates with the wrong-fully convicted Groovy Grove. After both men had been released from prison, Diamonds approached Groovy with a proposition. Groovy was preparing to join the police department, and Diamonds wanted to bribe Groovy to secure his cooperation. Groovy rejected Diamonds' proposal.

Diamonds was angered by Groovy's refusal and he became determined to sabotage Groovy's career in law enforcement. Diamonds plotted with his associates Cig and The Doll to make it appear as though Groovy had been drinking alcohol and cavorting with a known felon during his on-duty hours as a patrolman. They staged a photo of Groovy, then threatened to release it to the press unless Groovy agreed to cooperate.

Groovy was able to expose the deception, and Diamonds hired a hitman to kill Groovy. The murder plot was detected and Groovy's life was saved. Diamonds then targeted the blind girl Tinky, who had recently been discovered to be Groovy's long-lost daughter. Diamonds arranged for Tinky's seeing-eye dog to be poisoned, then he abducted the girl. He held the girl captive in his home, believing that she would provide him leverage against Groovy.

Tinky was beloved by the members of the Major Crimes Squad and her abduction mobilized the group. Diamonds' associates were captured and his location was discovered. Diamonds was killed in a shoot-out with Groovy and Tinky was rescued safely.

Almost immediately after Diamonds was killed, a person claiming to be his sister burst into the room and fell over his body. This person was escorted out, and it was later discovered that they had picked all of the diamonds off of Diamonds' corpse. This led to Dick Tracy's investigation of Chameleon.


  • While the disguised Chameleon claimed to be Diamonds' sister, it was not confirmed if Diamonds actually had a sister.
  • Both Cig and The Doll had been part of a robbery gang before aligning themselves with Diamonds. It was not made clear if the other members of that gang had also been associates of Diamonds.