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Dewdrop Hepbeat (née Richy) was a young woman who was cut out of her wealthy father's will when she married the musician Sticks. She had dark hair which she wore short. She had heavy eyelids and was slightly cross-eyed.

The Baby in the Tree[]

Dewdrop and Sticks "rented" a baby from Mrs. Green to pose as their son in order to get back into her father's good graces. Mrs. Green would hide the baby inside a hollow tree in the woods just outside the city where Dewdrop would collect him, then later return him to the same tree. the scheme was devised so that the hand-off of the baby could not be witnessed or proven.

One day, the baby was discovered in the tree before Mrs. Green could retrieve it. Mrs. Green was arrested and taken into police custody, but she did not reveal her connection to Dewdrop. Dewdrop realized that she could not keep up the deception without the baby. She suffocated her father and attempted to make it look like he had finally succumbed to his long illness.

Unbeknownst to Dewdrop, she left behind evidence that her father had struggled (rather than died peacefully). Mrs. Green acquired this evidence, and Sticks and Dewdrop killed her and hid the body.

Dick Tracy was investigating the mysterious case of the baby in the tree and the death of Mr. Richy. He killed Sticks when Sticks attempted to shoot him. Dewdrop went to Stick's brother Open-Mind Monty for help, but she was arrested after trying to kill Tracy. She later gave evidence against Monty when he refused to pay for her attorney.

Dewdrop Returns[]


Dewdrop as drawn by Rick Fletcher

Dewdrop was eventually paroled and joined with Wormy and Measles in an armored car robbery attempt. It was implied that she had (or sought) a romantic involvement with both men. She was arrested after the two men were caught by police.


  • Mr. Richy's will specified that Dewdrop would inherit his estate provided that she was married and had a child by the time she reached the age of 25. Before her role in his death was discovered, Mr. Richy's attorney confirmed that she met these conditions, indicating that she was younger than 25 at the time of her first encounter with Dick Tracy. Her exact age was not specified.
  • It was not clearly established if "Dewdrop" was a nickname or her birth name.
  • The criminal Haf-and-Haf revealed himself to have been a friend of Wormy and Measles, and he attempted top use their abortive armored car robbery scheme in a plan of his own. He claimed that Thistle Dew had been their accomplice, not Dewdrop. Presumably, Haf-and-Haf was remembering incorrectly, or he had received inaccurate information.