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Dethany Dendrobia was a detective acquaintance of Dick Tracy. She had dark hair and a pallid complexion.

Dick Tracy encountered Dethany at a detectives' convention. They spoke about a previous case, and Tracy asked Dethany if she had any information about the fugitive Abner Kadaver. Dethany said that she was familiar with Kadaver's girlfriend Rikki Mortis.

Sam Catchem contacted Dethany during a time when Dick Tracy was out of the country and Rikki Mortis was committing murders using her Vampire Car. Dethany was able to provide Sam with information about Rikki's background.

The Coney Case[]

Some time later, Dethany returned to Dick Tracy's city. She was attempting to find the cause of the delays of Fastrack's new office being opened. Dethany was shot at by Howdy (though she did not see him) and sought shelter at the police station. She enlisted Dick Tracy's help in the case.

The assault on Dethany was ordered by Coney, who was trying to prevent Fastrack from developing a building where he was seeking a hidden cache of money. Coney then ordered Howdy to abduct Dethany's fiance Guy Wyre. Howdy visited Dethany and showed her evidence of Guy's abduction. Dethany enlisted Tracy's help to recover him.

Dethany was present when Dick Tracy, the MCU, and FBI Agent Fritz Ann Dietrich raided the warehouse. Guy was rescued without incident. Dethany then found the cache of money which had been hidden in a disused lavatory.


  • Dethany Dendrobia is a character from the comic strip On The Fastrack, created by Bill Holbrook. In that strip, she works at a large corporation.