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Detective Wilshire was a police detective in Southern California. He was a slim man, with light hair. He had the habit of wearing sunglasses at all times, even indoors.

Meeting Tess Tracy[]

Following the murder of O.R. Ganic, Wilshire briefly held Tess Tracy and Sparkle Plenty Tracy as supects. The two women had been the last people to see Ganic alive at the Rancho Hauncho health spa. When Wilshire realized he had no evidence against either of them, they were released. Wilshire then arrested the steam bath attendant who had served Ganic the cup with the poison that killed her.


"...directly to jail!"

Tess believed that the attendant was innocent and she became determined to solve the murder. Gathering evidence (with some help from Dick Tracy), she was able to provide significant evidence that Max Gorge, a publishing magnate, had arranged for Ganic to be poisoned. After hearing Tess' convincing argument, Wilshire arrested Gorge.


  • Wilshire's name is apparently derived from Wilshire Boulevard, which is one of the major streets in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Wilshire's apparent obtuseness aggravated Dick Tracy, who called him a "laid-back, la-la land numbskull".