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Denise Digit, alias Data Banks, was half of the criminal duo known as the Double Digits, along with her brother Dwight. They used computers to embezzle large sums of money from businesses and financial institutions.

Denise was a slender woman with blonde hair and dark eyes.

Computer Criminal[]

Denise and Dwight had gotten jobs at a company owned by Dick Tracy's friend Diet Smith, where they were able to steal over half a million dollars before disappearing.

The pair then began operating another scheme where Denise got hired as the head teller as the First National Bank. She and Dwight used the banks computer to transfer large sums of money to their personal accounts. When Denise saw Dick Tracy (who was investigating the Computer Killer case) talking to the bank president, she got nervous, and told Dwight. Dwight decided it was time to abandon their plan and cover their tracks.

Copying the Computer Killer[]

Deciding to copy the methods of the Computer Killer, Dwight arrived at the bank with a mask shotgun. Denise helped him gain access to main computer banks, but Z.Z. Rowe, the real Computer Killer was already there. After a brief showdown (during which Dick Tracy and Lizz arrived at the bank), Rowe shot the main computer terminal, exposing the high voltage wiring. Denise called out a warning to Dwight, who knocked Rowe into the terminal. Rowe was killed by the electric shock.

Dwight then attempted to escape by taking Denise "hostage", but Tracy had heard her warning Dwight. He deduced that the two were connected, and did not believe that Dwight would harm Denise. Tracy drew his gun on Dwight and Denise as Lizz blocked the exit. The siblings surrendered, at which point Tracy revealed that he recognized them from photos that Diet Smith had shown him. They were arrested on multiple counts of embezzlement, fraud, and theft (March 31, 1979).

Later Activities[]


Years later, Dwight perfected a method for transferring his consciousness into a computer program (which also used the name "Memory Banks"). Dwight died shortly thereafter, and his wife Diana inherited his fortune. Denise worked with "Memory" to get revenge on Diana and accumulate wealth.

After the "Memory Banks" computer program deactivated itself, Denise was once again taken into police custody.