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David Dierdorf D'Buckworth was a wealthy entrepreneur in Dick Tracy's city. He was an older man with grey hair.

D'Buckworth was known by the nickname "3-D". This referred to his initials, and also to the fact that he had made a considerable fortune in entertainment technology by developing a method of viewing 3-D images that did not require glasses. In the course of his rise to wealth and power, D'Buckworth made many enemies.

D'Buckforth faked his death so that he could exact revenge on business associates who had betrayed him while avoiding their wrath. He then began living on the street as a homeless person. He gave $1,000 bills to people that he witnessed performing acts of kindness.

D'Buckworth's "death" was investigated by Dick Tracy, who was puzzled by some inconsistencies. Tracy went undercover as a member of the city's homeless population. He discovered D'Buckworth, who was also being investigated by several federal agents who were also disguised as homeless people.

D'Buckworth was arrested, as was his wife who had helped him fake his death. It was also revealed that the $1,000 bills that he had given out were counterfeit.


  • The D'Buckworth storyline is plagued by inconsistency, both in terms of D'Buckworth's physical appearance and his motivations.
  • Several homeless characters appear early in the D'Buckworth storyline. It was later established that D'Buckworth consistently wore a baseball cap with an X on it, so it cannot be confirmed if any of these earlier characters was D'Buckworth.