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Davey Mylar was a comic book fan who lived with his widowed mother. He was slightly heavyset, with dark hair. He typically wore eyeglasses and had a genial demeanor.

One day, Davey stumbled across the abandoned hideout of George Alpha, the original Mr. Crime. Craving excitement (as well as a way to financially support his mother), Davey decided to re-activate Mr. Crime's criminal organization, secretly running things from his home computer.

Criminal Organizer[]

Davey enlisted Panda, an associate of Alpha's, to assemble a group of Dick Tracy's enemies. Using Lt. Teevo as an informant, Davey and Panda were able to stay abreast of police activity.

Davey developed an attraction to Blaze Rize, a member of his gang, and arranged a dinner date where he revealed to her his secrets. She was surprised, but did not seem impressed by or attracted to Davey. Later in the evening, they went to gang's headquarters at the Panda Talent Agency where Davey bonded with Doubleup over their mutual fondness for the comic book character Scarlet Sting.

Raid on the Panda Agency[]


Later that night, the Panda Talent Agency was the object of a raid by the combined forces of the Major Crimes Unit and the Tracy Agency. Davey and Blaze attempted to escape, but Davey was hit by a stray bullet. Believing he was dying, Davey asked Blaze to deliver a package to his mother, but not to tell her about his double life. (July 17, 2012)

A headstone bearing Davey's name and identifying him as "A Good Son" was shown at Wildwood Cemetery, indicating that his body had been found and buried. Blaze Rize later claimed that she had paid for Davey's funeral. Doubleup, out of fondness for his fellow Scarlet Sting fan, contributed after the fact.

The police and general public are unaware that Davey was the second Mr. Crime. The only people with knowledge of Davey's double life are Blaze Rize and possibly Panda. The Major Crimes Unit considers Mr. Crime to be at large. 


  • Mylar is a type of transparent polyester film that is commonly used to store and preserve comic books. It protects them during storage from environmental conditions (moisture, heat, and cold) that would otherwise cause paper to slowly deteriorate over time.
  • Mylar would post to online discussion boards using the name "Treerat".
  • The long time that elapsed between Davey's initial cameo appearance and his later full appearance is evocative of the original Mr. Crime, who made a seemingly unimportant appearance in the strip several weeks before his full involvement in the case of Tonsils.
  • The shot that killed Davey Mylar appeared to have been fired by Tess Tracy, who was returning shots fired by Panda. One of the bullets ricocheted off a pipe and struck Davey.