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The man called "Daisy" Dugan was a henchman of Yeti. He had dark hair and a well-groomed moustache. He typically dressed in elegant attire.

Daisy had a reputation as being a henchman-for-hire, and was known to the authorities. He had reportedly worked for some notable criminals before his association with Yeti.

Yeti instructed Daisy to recover some poison that had accidentally been included in one of Yeti's legitimate perfume deliveries. Daisy was able to obtain the poison, but discovered that Dick Tracy was present at the perfume shop at the same time that he was. Daisy, fearing that Tracy was investigating him, shot at Tracy. He then fled, losing the flower from his lapel in the process.

Daisy was then recruited into Yeti's scheme to steal a valuable meteorite. Daisy assisted in the theft, but fell and seriously injured himself as the two men were leaving the scene of the crime. Yeti abandoned Daisy.

Daisy later returned to seek revenge on Yeti. He killed several of Yeti's criminal clients with the aid of his sister Rose, then confronted Yeti in his lair. Daisy and Rose were surprised by the arrival of Yeti's other henchmen, followed by the police. Yeti shot at Daisy and Rose with his poison dart gun, then fled. Daisy was arrested.


  • The storyline in which Daisy was introduced was credited to guest writer Mark Barnard. Mike Curtis was still credited as part of the strip's creative team.