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Dade Calahan was a member of the Purple Cross Gang. He had wavy dark hair and wore eyeglasses.

Calahan was a loyal member of the gang, and he participated the Boss' scheme to commit bank robberies across several states. When Baldy Stark, another member, tried to leave the gang, Calahan found him and brought him back to the gang's hideout. Stark was then tortured with a whip.

Stark fled the city and the gang did not pursue him. Arthur Maylie, the gang's second-in-command, convinced the other members that they all deserved a bigger share of the money they had stolen. They demanded that the Boss comply, under threat of violence. The Boss initially agreed, then he lured the gang members to a secluded garage where he murdered them all with a machine gun.

Calahan and the rest of the gang were later found by police and identified by Chief Brandon.


  • Dade Calahan's name was not provided until after he was dead. Chief Brandon recognized the three dead men, identifying "the fat one" as "Midge" Humphries and "the other one" as Dade Calahan. Calahan was not depicted as especially overweight, so it is logical to conclude that he was the member of the gang who wore glasses.
  • While Johnny Fling was known to be a member of the Purple Cross Gang, it was not established if he knew or interacted with Dade Calahan at any time.
  • Several members of the Purple Cross gang were shown wearing their masks before November 25th, 1936, but it cannot be confirmed which (if any) of them were Dade Calahan.