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Victor Da Mill was a director of television commercials and films. He had a production studio in Dick Tracy's city. He typically wore sunglasses.

Perfume Plenty[]

Da Mill met and befriended Perfume Plenty when she was collecting for the Spirit-Lifter's League. He cheered passers-by who donated money and insulted those who didn't. This made Perfume worried that she was being followed by an unstable person, and she called Dick Tracy.

DaMill hastily presented his legitimate credentials and explained he wanted to hire Perfume as TV spokeswoman for Keno Foods, a national conglomerate. Perfume was an instant success in her new job. But DaMill was soon accosted in his workplace by Tanya (his previous spokesmodel), who was belligerent and waving a gun. Da Mill was shot protecting Perfume, but he eventually recovered and returned to work. Dick Tracy captured Tanya and prevented her from committing suicide.

Dade Plenty[]

Da Mill later met Perfume's cousin, the troubled young artist Dade Plenty. Dade was torn between pursuing a legitimate career as a fashion designer or indulging his criminal tendencies. He eventually chose to reform, and Da Mill expressed interest in working with him.

The Dick Tracy Story[]


Years later, Da Mill was hired to direct the feature film The Dick Tracy Story. Though the production was plagued with difficulties, Da Mill believed that the publicity would help the film's box office performance.


  • When he first appeared, Da Mill had short dark/black hair. In his later appearance, with was longer, wavier, and lighter.
  • The name "Da Mill" would seem to be inspired by the pioneering filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille.