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District Attorney Fletcher was a character portrayed by Dick Van Dyke in the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film. He was an original character created for the film. His first name was not revealed.

Character Biography[]

Fletcher was a candidate for Mayor who was having difficulty dealing with Dick Tracy's aggressive pursuit of Big Boy Caprice. Fletcher threatened Tracy and Chief Brandon that he would be forced to take Tracy off duty, or possibly prosecute him, as well as removing the Chief from duty.

It was later revealed that Fletcher was on Big Boy's payroll and had falsified evidence in order to secure Big Boy's release from jail. Fletcher was lured into a trap where he was shot and killed by the Blank, who was disguised as Tracy. This was part of an agreement that the Blank had made with Big Boy to remove Tracy as an obstacle to Big Boy's plans.

The Blank and 88 Keyes rendered Tracy unconscious using gas, then took him to the hotel where Fletcher was murdered. The Blank planted a pistol in Tracy's hand then used smelling salts to revive Tracy just as the hotel manager arrived in the room to investigate. This resulted in Tracy being arrested and imprisoned (temporarily), allowing Big Boy's criminal endeavors to flourish.

Fletcher's corruption was further shown in the comic book prequel to the film.


  • According to Max Allan Collins, the character's name - though shared by Tracy artist Rick Fletcher (who had drawn the Dick Tracy comic strip from 1977 to 1983) - was a coincidence and not intended as a tribute to that particular member of the creative team.
  • The audio production Big Boy Turns Up the Heat gave Fletcher's first name as John.
  • As a high-level member of the local political establishment, secretly working for Big Boy, Fletcher share characteristics with Boss Jim Herrod, a highly-respected former City official who was running Big Boy's Outfit while the latter was in prison. 
  • Some readers have observed that Fletcher's appearance is reminiscent of Mr. Bribery, with his round eyeglasses, slicked back hair and cigarette holder.