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Mike "Czar" Rennis (“Sinner” spelt backwards) was an underworld kingpin and the boss of Jimmy “Trigger” Doom. Czar was dissatisfied with Trigger's operation of his slot machine racket, and planned to have the man killed. Trigger suspected this, and decided to kill Czar first. Trigger used a photograph of Czar's apartment building to determine which window was his. Trigger then shot Czar from his own hotel room across the street.

Czar's body was discovered by Dick Tracy and the other police officers investigating the death of Ginger Ferret. Czar's murder was reported in the newspapers. When Trigger saw the story, he realized that the police were closing in on him and made a short-lived escape attempt. Trigger later confessed to Czar's murder.


  • "Czar" is an alternate spelling of "tsar", the Russian word for "emperor". This term also has been used in the Rogues' Gallery to refer to Big Boy, and in real life, Al Capone.
  • Although not stated, it is possible that Rennis inherited his slot machine racket from Arthur "Nip" Dolton after Dolton was murdered by the Blank.