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Cynthia Smithly

First Appearance:

September 17th, 1953

Known Relatives:

Chick Smithly, Sister

Appearance of Death:

September 27th, 1953

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 15

Cynthia Smithly was a member of a wealthy family that owned a large estate outside Dick Tracy's city. She was an attractive young woman with light-colored hair.

Good Samaritan[]

Cynthia Smithly was a horse-riding enthusiast. One day she was riding through the woods on her family's property when she discovered the unconscious Kincaid Plenty. Plenty had been fitted with an explosive vest by the criminals 3-D Magee and Pony, and they had left him to die in the explosion. Unbeknownst to the criminals, Plenty had been provided with a 2-Way Wrist Radio. Cynthia was able to use the radio to communicate with Dick Tracy and the police.

Cynthia volunteered to transport Kincaid part of the distance to the city in her car, so that the vest could be safely removed before it exploded. As she sped down the highway in her convertible, she passed Magee and Pony, who observed Kincaid in Smithly's back seat. The criminals forced Smithly off the road and confronted her. When Cynthia resisted and struck Pony with her riding crop, Pony grabbed Magee's knife and fatally stabbed Cynthia. 

Kincaid Plenty was rescued before the bomb exploded. Cynthia's sister Chick Smithly was determined that Magee and Pony should be caught, and she volunteered to go undercover as a the couple's maid in order to gather evidence for the police.