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Curley was an accomplice of Larceny Lu. He had dark eyes and bulbous nose.

Curley was present when the injured Steve the Tramp sought refuge with Larceny Lu after a jailbreak. Curley phoned for a doctor that he knew would treat fugitives, but the doctor sent Doc Hump in his place. Hump was waylaid by the police officer J. Scotland Bumpsted, who took his place.

Bumpsted's deception was discovered, and Curley and Doc Hump took Bumpsted to Hump's laboratory. Bumpsted was able to subdue his captors and they were arrested.


  • Doc Hump later appeared out of jail. Curley's fate is unknown.
  • It is not known if Curley had any interaction with any of Steve or Lu's other associates, such as Mortimer Conners.
  • "Curley" had also been the name of one of Big Boy's operatives in 1933. The two men do not seem to be the same character.