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Crystal the Seer was the girlfriend of Big Brass. She was an attractive blonde woman who made her living as a fortune teller.

Aiding Big Brass[]

Crystal used her purported ability to predict the future to help Big Brass determine what would be the best times to employ his scheme of pirating television signals to advertise his "health rings". After Big Brass killed his accomplice Dr. Waters, Crystal hid Brass in her apartment. The couple argued over Crystal's use of her elaborate fortune-telling hat, which Brass believed would make her too identifiable. Crystal inadvertently left the hat in a taxi one day, and the cab driver remembered her address.

Crystal hid Big Brass in a small place during a police search of her apartment, and he went undetected. The contortion caused Big Brass to suffer severe back pain, and he lashed out at Crystal, beating her and ripping her dress. Shocked by Brass' true nature, Crystal surrendered to the police and seemed to be a cooperative witness while recovering from neck injuries in the hospital. Brass was later killed in a shootout with police at the doctor's office where he had gone for treatment.

Big Brass' Big Stash[]

Crystal knew the location of a large supply of cash that Big Brass had left behind. She used some of it to post the bail of her associate Fencer. The gang leader known as The Brain abducted Crystal and forced her to reveal the money's location by tying her to a high-speed paint mixing machine.

After bringing Brain and his gang to money, Crystal managed to get Brain's gun and attempted to shoot him. The gun had a secret safety that prevented it from firing. Brain overpowered Crystal and killed her. Her body was left in the woods where it was later discovered by police.