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First Appearance:

March 8th, 2013

Known Associates:


Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Joe Staton

Crypto was the pet dog of the puzzle-themed criminal known as The Jumbler. Crypto appeared to be a Scottish Terrier (or some similar breed), but his exact breed was not specified.

Aiding The Jumbler[]

Crypto was a key part of many of the Jumbler schemes. When Jumbler infiltrated the Madrigal Days festival being held at Locher auditorium, he claimed that Crypto was his Service Animal so that the dog would be allowed to enter. Jumbler later released a large quantity of ball bearings that he had concealed in pouches on Crypto's coat to create a diversion, allowing them to escape.

Crypto joined the Jumbler when he stole a cache of rare and valuable comic books from Finley's drug store. Jumbler stored the comics in Crypto's coat.

Crypto was also present when Jumbler robbed the safe at Shumble and Sons jewelry store. When Jumbler was caught by Dick Tracy, Crypto was also taken into custody. Crypto was hostile to Dick Tracy, and had to be restrained by several seat belts.


  • The name "Crypto" is derived from the practice of cryptography, which is the study of puzzles, symbols, and/or codes.
  • The DC Comics hero Superman had a dog named Krypto, though that name was inspired by Superman's destroyed home planet of Krypton. It is possible that this name inspired the Jumbler, who had some knowledge of comic books.