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The man known as "Crutch" was a member of Big Boy's gang in Dick Tracy's city. He typically wore a cloth cap and a grey, horizontal-striped suit.

Character Biography[]

Crutch was one of the criminals that robbed Emil Trueheart's home on the night that Dick Tracy proposed to Tess. Crutch shot and killed Emil during the robbery.

Crutch remained at large for some time. He later tried to ambush Tracy, but was killed in the process (November 26, 1931).

Years later, Crutch's son Pauly was recruited by the criminal Polar Vortex in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Dick Tracy.


  • Crutch was the first criminal shown to be killed by Dick Tracy, though Crutch was killed in a shootout with Tracy and two other police officers, so it might not have been Tracy who fired the fatal shot.
  • In the prose short story "Murder is My Hobby" by Sgt. Jim Doherty (which was available to read on the PLAINCLOTHES website), Crutch's real name was given as Philip Reggirt ("trigger" spelt backwards). However, this has not been established as official canon.