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The woman known as Croptop Jones was a sister of Flattop Jones Sr.. She had brown hair and shared the family's physical traits of freckles, heavy eyelids, and prominent lips. Due to her hairstyle, it was difficult to tell if she also had the family's traditional flat-headedness.

According to her brother Blowtop, Croptop had been his partner in several bank robberies. When she attempted to commit a robbery by herself, she was apprehended and sent to prison. Some time later, she was free and assembled a small gang to prepare for a new robbery scheme.

This robbery was successful, and Croptop used her share of the money from it to buy a copy of children's book that contained clues to the location of a cache of stolen money that had been hidden by Scardol. Croptop and her accomplice Dave found Scardol's stash, but their car wouldn't start. B.O. Plenty happened to be passing by in a new car that he had recently won, and he offered to give them a ride.

After Croptop and Dave loaded the case containing the money into the trunk of B.O.'s car, the group was approached by a police officer. Croptop and Dave fled, leaving the money in Plenty's car. Plenty returned to his home, where Croptop was eventually able to track him down. Croptop arrived at Plenty's home while Plenty was conferring with his friend Dick Tracy about the abandoned case (which Tracy found to be full of money).

After a brief physical confrontation with Tracy, Croptop was arrested.


  • It is reasonable to presume that "Croptop" is not the character's actual name, but is rather an nickname/alias like most of the other Jones family members have.
    • Additionally, there is no indication that Croptop was ever married, so it is reasonable to assume that she uses her family surname.
  • Croptop did not seem to recognize Dick Tracy, and seemed to have little knowledge or interest in her family's history with him.