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Crimestoppers Club

First Appearance:

April 30th, 1947

Known Members (initial):

Junior Tracy
Zip Smith

Known Members (revival):

Honeymoon Tracy
Seth Wheeler
Keenan Wheeler
Joe Tracy
Justin David

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 11

The Crimestoppers Club was a group formed by Junior Tracy. It was conceived of as a way to provide young people with opportunities and guidance so they would not turn to crime.The members would also train themselves to be skilled at observation in order to aid police investigations.

Shortly after the Club was founded, it was featured in Glance magazine. This attracted the attention of the criminal Coffyhead, who attempted to end the organization through threats and discrediting. He was not successful.

Years later, Junior's daughter Honeymoon Tracy started a new version of the Crimestoppers with other young people in her suburban neighborhood. Eventually, Honeymoon used her skill with computers to assemble a large group of Crimestoppers who communicated online to share information. These members had numbers assigned to them, and it was implied that there were over 300 of them.


  • In its early incarnation "Crimestoppers" was spelt as two words. It has since been combined into one word.
  • CrimestopperDavid
    Two members of Junior's original Crimestoppers Club were named Joe and Eddie. These were also the names of two of Shaky's henchmen. This was apparently a coincidence.

The 1986 Crimestoppers