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The unnamed Coroner in Dick Tracy's city was a bald man with light hair on the sides of his head.

As the coroner was examining the burglar who had been killed while attempting to steal from Diet Smith Industries, he was struck from behind by the Apparatus agent Duzzin Matta. Matta then attempted to switch the burglar's body for an unidentified hit & run victim.

The coroner recovered and called the police. Dick Tracy and Lizz responded to the call. While they were investigating, Matta returned to get some evidence that he had left behind. He held Tracy, Lizz and the coroner at gunpoint, but Tracy was able to shoot him.


  • Coroners are typically elected officials, but they are not necessarily law enforcement officers. In some smaller locales, coroners' offices may be closely affiliated with Sheriffs' departments.
  • Additionally, not all coroners are medical professionals. It was not made clear if the coroner in this story held an advanced degree (PhD or MD).