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Corny was the girlfriend of Happy, a member of Rughead's gang. She was a shapely woman with short dark hair and light eyes.

Happy had left a photo of Corny at the gang's farm hideout. Dick Tracy came across the restaurant where Corny worked and recognized her from the photo. Corny observed evidence that Tracy was a police officer and she phoned Happy to alert him.

Happy arrived at the restaurant planning to kill Dick Tracy, but Tracy killed Happy. Rughead (who had been waiting for Happy) fled to Mexico. Tracy brought Corny to police headquarters for further questioning and discovered that he coat was stolen. Corny was booked on a charge of receiving stolen property.

Corny's release was arranged by Blackstone, the attorney for Rughead's gang. As she was walking home from jail, she was hit by a car and killed by the gang's fence, who wanted to prevent her from providing additional information to the police.


  • The name "Corny" was presumably a shortened form of the name Cornelia, but this was not confirmed in the strip.
  • Corny physically resembled performer Judy Garland, particularly Garland's appearance in the 1954 film A Star is Born.