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Constable Ferret (first name unrevealed) was a diminutive police officer from Georgetown. He was bald, with short dark hair on the sides of his head and he had a short handlebar moustache.

Ferret befriended Dick Tracy after Tracy had been shot by Selbert DePool.

Fast Friends with Tracy[]

Ferret was in the same hospital as Tracy because his wife Mary was giving birth to triplet boys. He made the acquaintance of Pat Patton, and when he learned that Tracy needed a blood transfusion he volunteered to be the donor. Ferret turned out to be a matching blood type, and the quart of blood he donated helped save Tracy’s life.

Ferret and Tracy’s fate would prove to be further connected. Ferret had a sixteen year-old daughter named Ginger whom he introduced to the recovering Tracy. Ginger, unbeknownst to her father, was the girlfriend of Jimmy “Trigger" Doom, a gangster. Ginger was with Trigger during a robbery and was killed in a car wreck while making their escape. Ferret was devastated by his daughter’s death and determined to bring the man responsible to justice.

The "Trigger" Doom case[]

Ferret invited Tracy to his country home to recuperate. During the night, one of Trigger’s men sneaked into the house to retrieve Ginger’s diary. Ferret heard the man and caught him trying to escape. Ferret and Tracy recovered the diary, and saw the numerous entries about Trigger Doom.

Tracy and Ferret tracked Trigger to his farm hideout, where Trigger kept a bull which he used as a means of intimidating (and if necessary, punishing) his underlings. When Tracy was pushed into the bull pen by one of Trigger’s men, Ferret saved the detective’s life again by shooting the charging bull in the head before it could maul Tracy.

Ferret was not involved with the rest of the Trigger Doom investigation, but may have taken some solace in the knowledge that the man was eventually caught and confessed to murdering another criminal associate.


  • Constable Ferret claimed to have survived four attempts on his life by gangsters, including being run down with a car. Given his bravery, resourcefulness and skill with a firearm, there is no reason to assume that this was false bravado.
  • It was not explained why the doctors chose Constable Ferret as Tracy's blood donor rather than Pat Patton, since Pat had been a blood donor to Tracy in the past and had volunteered along with Ferret.