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This unnamed constable was a victim of the bank robber and killer Cutie Diamond.

In 1930, the constable followed Diamond to his Ozark Mountain hideout. Diamond shot the man through the head, killing him. The following year, Diamond retrieved the victim's skull, badge, and revolver.

Diamond put the skull on a fence post beside his house for target practice while the badge and gun were kept alongside Diamond's other souvenirs of murders that he had committed. Diamond practiced marksmanship by shooting at the same hole in the skull each day.

In 1935, Diamond's former partner Zora Arson and her brother Boris fled to Diamond's hideout. They watched as Diamond engaged in his usual target practice using the skull, during which Diamond boasted that he had only knocked the skull off the post once in four years.

Diamond and Zora were killed when Dick Tracy and the police raided their hideout. Tracy's associate Chief Yellowpony took custody of the evidence of Diamond's crimes, including the constable's skull.