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The man known as Coney was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He was a rotund man with light hair. He was fond of ice cream.

Coney and his gang attempted to disrupt the Fastrack Corporation's opening of a new office in the city. When Fastrack sent their agent Dethany Dendrobia to investigate the delays, Coney arranged to have her shot at, in an attempt to either kill her or scare her away.

Coney and his gang were attempting to find a hidden cache of money in an abandoned warehouse had that previously been owned by the criminal Stooge Viller. After the assault on Dethany Dendrobia, Coney was investigated by Dick Tracy. Coney was able to briefly obfuscate the truth about who actually owned the Stooge Viller warehouse.

At Coney's direction, Howdy kidnapped Dendrobia's fiance Guy Wyre and held him captive in the warehouse. The warehouse was then raided by the MCU and the FBI. Coney attempted to blame Howdy for planning the kidnapping, but Howdy refuted this. Coney, Howdy, and their other accomplice were all arrested. Dethany Dendrobia then found Stooge Viller's hidden cache of money.


  • In addition to Howdy, Coney's gang was shown to contain at least two other members, neither of which were named. One of them wore a dark coat and a large hat that covered much of his face, showing only his mouth and stubbly chin. This character did not speak. The other member of the gang was a thin man with a beard who wore a backwards baseball cap. Readers at gocomics.com dubbed this character "Shaggy".