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Cole Lector was a thief and a kidnapper. His face had been injured during an attempt to steal the Mona Lisa, which left him disfigured. He wore a realistic-looking mask to cover his features.

Cole Lector commissioned the reformed criminal Dab Stract to paint portraits of several notable people from the city, including Police Chief Lizz. He insisted that these portraits depict their subjects as ugly, and Stract complied.

Lector then abducted all of the subjects of these portraits and held them prisoner at his home. He presented himself to them as an employee of Cole Lector, concealing his true identity for some time. Claiming to be operating on Mr. Lector's behalf, he told the assembled group that he wanted to use their expertise to re-configure society into a better one.

Lector's house was infiltrated by Dick Tracy and the two men fought. Lizz attempted to distract Lector, tearing his mask in the process. Lector was about to kill Tracy when he was shot with an arrow by Dab Stract. When the SWAT team arrived to free the captives, they informed Tracy and Lizz that the man they had been dealing with was Lector himself.


  • Lector was shot on April 21st, 2008. He was depicted as struggling with the wound for several days until his death was confirmed on April 28th.