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Claudine (full name unrevealed) was the girlfriend of Bony, an armed robber and aspiring punk rock musician. Claudine was thin, with short dark hair. She habitually wore safety pins through her earlobes. The two lived together in a trailer park in Washington state.

Claudine was supportive of Bony, claiming to enjoy his music. She didn't participate in his robberies, but she occasionally drove the getaway car and helped him dispose of evidence.

Accomplice of Bony[]

When Bony learned that the police were on his trail, he and Claudine fled their trailer park home. They abandoned their van (with much of their recording equipment in it) and stole the car of a service station attendant. They decided to flee to Canada by cutting through the Yakima Indian Reservation.

Bony and Claudine avoided checkpoints at the entrance of the reservation by taking a dirt road. The car they had stolen broke down and they were stranded. They happened upon the off-road vehicle containing Vitamin Flintheart and Tess Tracy, who was eight months pregnant with her second child.

Change of Heart[]

Bony held Vitamin at gunpoint and demanded that he drive them to safety. Vitamin was able to wrest the gun from Bony, but Tess was going into labor and there was no time to get her to a hospital or take Bony and Claudine to jail. Claudine, whose mother had been a nurse, offered to assist with the birth.

Claudine helped to safely deliver Joseph Flintheart Tracy, Tess' second child to be born in the back seat of a car. She used her safety pin earrings to fasten a blanket around him and keep the baby warm.

Shortly thereafter, police arrived and took Bony and Claudine into custody. Dick Tracy thanked her for her aid, but could not condone her actions otherwise.