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Clara was a barmaid/waitress at a small tavern outside the city. She was an attractive young woman with dark hair.

Character Biography[]

When the fugitive Selbert DePool purchased the tavern, he kept all of the previous staff.

Clara was suspicious of her new boss and watched him closely. Selbert became aware of her suspicions, and set a trap for her. He asked Clara to dispose of his old clothes in the tavern's incinerator. Clara discovered his shoes, which had been issued by the mental hospital, and planned to take them to the police.


Selbert hid in the backseat of Clara's car, and when she left work to go to the police station, he pulled a gun on her. Directing her to drive to a nearby reservoir, he got out of the car but forced her at gunpoint to drive her car into the water. The car sank and Clara drowned.

The incident was witnessed and the police were notified. Dick Tracy was called in to investigate. Clara's car was recovered and her identification led the police to her place of employment, where the manhunt for Selbert continued.