Clara was a member of Pruneface's spy organization. She was an attractive blonde.

Clara relayed messages back and forth between her fellow operatives through her job at a juke box hotline.

Clara's connection to Pruneface's poison gas production activities was discovered by Dick Tracy and she was arrested. She had a fiery temper and struggled when being taken into custody. Her place at the hotline was taken by Frizzletop (who mimicked Clara's voice) as part of a plan to trick Cal Bullet into leading the police to "Boche", aka Pruneface.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is unclear if Clara knew the full extent of Pruneface's criminal activities, meaning that she may not have been a traitor to the United States, merely a mercenary.
  • Pruneface apparently made a point of keeping his associates separate, so there is no indication that Clara would have had any interaction with Togo or Agent 20. Since she herself was not engaged in information gathering, she would not qualify as a Spy.
  • There is no apparent connection between Clara and Clara, who had appeared the previous year.
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