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Cinn Ozone (née McKee) was one of four ex-wives of the eccentric millionaire George Ozone. Despite her expectations, she received nothing from Ozone when they divorced.

Alliance with Mumbles[]

She conspired with the criminal Mumbles to murder her ex-husband and claim two million dollars cash and jewels that he had hidden away.

Cinn tracked George to the records library of the Daily Headline newspaper and killed him by shooting him with a poison dart. She then disposed of the gun and went to join Mumbles.

Cinn used Mumbles to obtain the map to the treasure that George had had tattooed onto the feet of his young sons, Neki & Hokey. Cinn knew that Mumbles was the only person that the wild boys liked and would allow to get close to them. Cinn disguised Mumbles as a social worker friend of hers. This allowed Mumbles to gain access to the boys, who were being held in protective custody following the death of their father.


Once the map was complete, Cinn and Mumbles went to dig up the treasure. Cinn pulled a gun on Mumbles and forced him to dig what she intended to be his grave. Mumbles surprised Cinn by tossing a shovel full of dirt in her face. He then overpowered and killed her (July 7th, 1955).


  • Some elements of Cinn Ozone's story were altered when it was reprinted by Harvey Comics. Her method of getting rid of the murder weapon was changed from dropping it into a coffin in a mortuary to placing it in a gun exhibit in a museum (Issue #122). Her fate was also altered with her surviving Mumbles' attack, then being found by police and rushed to a hospital, apparently surviving (Issue #123).