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The man known as "Cinder" Meeglio was a criminal who specialized in arson. He had a wide build and a freckled face. Meeglio typically wore a checked three-piece suit and eyeglasses.

When Lips Manlis reformed, his former gang contracted Cinder Meeglio to burn down the warehouse where Manlis had taken a job as the daytime watchman. Meeglio threw two firebombs at the building- one of them failed to ignite and the other was discovered and extinguished before inflicting significant damage.

Lips Manlis' former gang members were eventually captured by law enforcement or killed. Meeglio's fate is unknown.


  • At the time of the Lips Manlis storyline, Meeglio claimed that he had been in the arson business for fifteen years, and that he had never had a target as big as the warehouse before.
  • Cinder Meeglio was aided by another member of the gang, whom Cinder addressed as "Tim". This character was apparently the same character who had earlier been identified as "Red".