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The man called "Cig" was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. His real name was Ed Garr. He was a slender man with light hair and heavy eyelids. He frequently smoked cigarettes, which was apparently the inspiration for his alias.

In 1967, Cig had been part of a robbery group that also included The Doll. By 1970, he was no longer in jail and he and The Doll had joined the organization of the criminal called Diamonds. Cig aided Diamonds in his efforts to extort (and later kill) the new police officer Groovy Grove.

Cig participated in Diamonds' plan to abduct Grove's daughter Tinky. After Diamonds poisoned Tinky's dog Stony, Cig approached the girl posing as a veterinarian offered to take the animal to his clinic for treatment. This left Tinky unprotected, enabling Diamonds to abduct her. Cig then left Stony in an alley, believing the dog had died.

Diamonds sent Cig to return the Santa Claus costume that they had rented for their scheme. The criminals had lost one of the costume's gloves during Tinky's abduction, and police had alerted costume shops in the area to notify them if anyone returned a costume with a missing glove. Cig threatened the costume shop owner with a gun in order to get the full deposit for the costume back, then left. The costume shop clerk then informed the police of who had returned the costume, which led police to Diamonds' home.

Cig attempted to flee when police converged on Diamonds' apartment, but he was captured along with The Doll. Stony was later found alive.


  • When Cig was part of a robbery gang in 1967, police records indicated that he was 51 years old, was 5' 9" tall, and weighed 165 pounds. This would make him approximately 54 years old at the time of his encounter with Groovy Grove.