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Chuck Hole was an adversary of Dick Tracy who appeared in a print advertisement for AutoLite Auto Parts. He had thick black hair, heavy-lidded eyes and prominent lips. He also had a hole in the middle of his hair (whether this extended down to his head is unknown).

Chuck Hole was a trafficker in bootleg and counterfeit auto parts whose operation was dismantled by Tracy and Sam Catchem. Tracy was able to deduce which truck in a convoy was Hole's by timing truck speeds between telephone poles. Hole's had the fastest speed due to carrying the lightest load because of the inferior nature of his counterfeit parts. Tracy had Sam stop Chuck Hole truck with a dynamite charge and arrested Chuck Hole.


  • Chuck Hole has not appeared in the Dick Tracy comic strip.
  • Chuck Hole's name is derived from a slang term for a hole in a roadway that can cause damage to a vehicle. Also referred to as a "pothole".
  • Chuck Hole has some physical traits in common with the well-known singer Elvis Presley.