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Chuck Elms was a neighbor and friend of Mayor Stanley Norris' adult daughters. He was an avuncular young man with dark hair.

Once night, Chuck joined several friends for a party at the Mayor's home. When the fugitive Mrs. Pruneface (who was disguised as "Marie", the Mayor's cook) agreed to prepare food for the party-goers, Chuck and several of his friend lifted her onto their shoulders in celebration.

As the group walked around the Mayor's swimming pool, Chuck tripped over a water hose. He and Mrs. Pruneface fell into the pool. The rest of the group moved on, leaving Chuck alone in the pool with Mrs. Pruneface, whose disguise had been washed away.

Chuck was startled by Mrs. Pruneface's ghoulish appearance, and quickly recognized her from the newspaper accounts of her previous crimes. He cried out, and Mrs. Pruneface drowned him to keep him quiet. His body was discovered shortly afterwards, and Dick Tracy and the police were summoned to investigate.