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Christmas Early was the host of a popular radio program. She was an attractive woman with long black hair, and she was known for her flamboyant outfits that often featured animal print patterns.

Christmas Early's show was broadcast nationwide, but was produced in Dick Tracy's City. The criminal called Gargles became fixated on Christmas and sent her fan letters.

The Gargles Case[]

Christmas was on a date George Empire, the owner of a chain of drugstores late one night. They were both intoxicated and Gargles sneaked up behind George and knocked him out. George's head and neck became wedged in a revolving door and he was choked to death. Christmas was implicated in the death, but Tracy believed that she was innocent.

Working with Tracy, Christmas realized that the man who had sent her the fan letters must have been the one who killed George, and she helped Tracy set a trap for Gargles. Several of Gargles associates were shot, but Gargles escaped.

Gargles rented a room from the mother of Themesong. Gargles later shot Themesong's mother when he feared she had learned his identity. Christmas learned of this and was took pity of Themesong. Christmas arranged to have Themesong on her radio show, where Themesong pleaded for Gargles to give himself up.

Gargles heard the broadcast and panicked. Other citizens recognized Gargles from the description that Themesong provided and alerted the police to his whereabouts. Gargles was eventually killed while trying evade custody, and with his last breath he exonerated Christmas of any wrongdoing in connection with George empire's death. Christmas assured Themesong that the girl's actions had helped bring Gargles to justice.

Adopting Themesong[]

Themesong was now an orphan (her father Roach had been killed by Shoulders). Christmas Early became Themesong's guardian. Early recruited her friend Vitamin Flintheart to be Themesong's music tutor. Christmas and Themesong were surprised later when Vitamin severed ties with them while under the control of Influence.

Later Career[]


Christmas Early reappeared on December 03, 2011. Early hired Tracy to judge a movie make-up contest, "Makeup Meltdown", for the Effexx Network. The contestants were expected to make themselves up to resemble Dick Tracy foes. The show's other judge turned out to be Putty Puss, who had been granted a furlough from prison to take part.

When Putty Puss disrupted the show's production and escaped, Tracy implied that Christmas Early could be charged with aiding and abetting a criminal. However, charges were apparently not filed, and Tracy and Early were later shown to have a cordial professional relationship.


  • It is unknown if Christmas Early is the character's real name, or a pseudonym.