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Chris Chendo was an associate of the criminal Virgil Ohso. He had tall, wavy hair, a pointed chin, and wore eyeglasses.

Chris Chendo was commissioned by Ohso to plant a bomb inside a valuable Stradivarius violin. Chendo rigged the instrument so that the bomb would explode when a particular note was played.

Virgil Ohso's plan was foiled by Dick Tracy and he was arrested. It is not clear what Chis Chendo's fate was.


  • This character's name was written as "Chris Chendo" and "Chris Shendo". "Chendo" appeared first and was later reverted to after "Shendo" appeared several times.
  • The name "Chis Chendo" (or "Shendo") is a play on "crescendo", a musical term meaning an increase in volume, typically building to a climax.
  • It was not made clear if Chris Chendo had any interactions with any of the other members of Virgil Ohso's gang.