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Chig (full name unrevealed) was a member of Little Face Finny's gang. He typically wore a flat cap and a bow tie.

The Wrecked Bus[]

Chig was one of the two members of Little Face's gang who encountered the newspaper reporter Joe Ballivan at the bus that driver Micky Stanley had wrecked after a jewel heist gone awry. Chig and his partner were looking for the jewels that Stanley had hidden on the bus, but Ballivan had found them first and hidden them in a nearby mailbox. Chig and other gang member caught Ballivan and attempted to get him to reveal where he had put the jewels by holding him next to an opened fire hydrant, exposing him painfully high water pressure.

The criminals were discovered by police and fled. Ballivan soon recovered.

The Rooftop Encounter[]

The Little Face gang was now the subject of a police investigation led by Dick Tracy. Their activities in their apartment hideout were observed by two window cleaners who reported what they had witnessed to police. Dick Tracy then posed as one of the cleaners in an attempt to observe the gang's actions. This ruse was discovered, and Chig was sent to building's roof to cut the ropes holding Tracy's working platform in place.

Chig encountered police officers on the roof and brief shootout ensued. Chig was taken into police custody.


  • A later Rogues' Gallery feature indicated that Chig received a 20 year prison sentence.
  • The identities of the various members of the Little Face gang are difficult to establish. Chig was addressed by name at the wrecked bus, but it is not clear if he was involved in the original jewel heist. He was apparently not one of the two gang members who killed Micky Stanley at the hospital.