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Chief Shellbury (first name unrevealed) was the commander of the U.S. Coast Guard Patrol Boat 619, which was stationed in Dick Tracy's city. Shellbury was an avuncular man with a narrow face and pronounced teeth.

Shellbury was spoken highly of by his superior officer Captain Smith, who mentioned that Shellbury had been a "rum runner" during Prohibition and had a reputation as a man of action. Shellbury had encountered human traffickers previously during his career in the Coast Guard and was familiar with their methods.

The Stud Bronzen Case[]

Following the conclusion of his investigation of the Blank, Dick Tracy sought to capture Stud Bronzen, whom he suspected of smuggling Chinese immigrants. Tracy was introduced to Chief Shellbury by Captain Smith, and the two men quickly became friends. It was Shellbury's suggestion that directed Tracy to approach the unofficial "Mayor" of Chinatown, Mayor Chiang.

Shellbury worked with Tracy during the investigation of Bronzen's human trafficking operation, and was present during the climactic gunfight in which Bronzen was killed. Shellbury was part of the boarding party that freed Bronzen's captive immigrants, and it was Shellbury who discovered the woman Noana hidden on Bronzen's boat.


  • The rank of "Chief" indicates that Shellbury was a non-commissioned officer.