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Chicory (full name unrevealed) was an underworld figure in (pre-Communist) Cuba. In addition to raising gamecocks, he was a general information broker and criminal.

Helping Miss Egghead[]

Chicory was approached by the fugitive Miss Egghead, who was trying to surreptitiously leave Cuba and return to the United States. Chicory put her in touch with The Dropper, who ran a transportation service for criminals.

Miss Egghead was being tracked by Dick Tracy, who followed her trail to Chicory's home. Tracy was ambushed and subdued by Chicory's henchman, Little Gorilla. Tracy was then transported to The Dropper's plane, where he was dropped onto the Granite Island.

Shortly thereafter, Miss Egghead returned to Cuba and again sought Chicory's help. This time she wanted transportation to South America. Chicory had had enough of the woman, though, and locked her in one of his gamecock pens.

Attempting to Flee[]

A fierce tropical storm was pounding the island nation at this point, and Chicory and Gorilla fled Chicory's flooding home, leaving Miss Egghead to drown. They met The Dropper at his airplane but were unable to take off. The plane flipped over and the fuel tanks ruptured, filling the flooded fuselage with gasoline and fumes.

At this point, the criminals discovered that they had been found by the police, including a recently rescued Dick Tracy. Chicory was determined not to be taken without a fight. Ignoring Dropper's warning, Chicory fired at the approaching police officers. The flash from his gun ignited the gasoline fumes and the plane exploded. Chicory, Dropper and Gorilla tried to escape the flames underwater, but ultimately drowned. Their bodies were recovered and identified shortly thereafter.


  • Chicory appeared to have a case of the eye condition known as "exotropia". He shared this trait with Mr. Crime.