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The man called Chic Complain was reportedly a writer who joined the criminal organization known as the Apparatus. He was bald, and he sometimes wore eyeglasses.

Chic Complain was one of three people associated with the Apparatus who disguised themselves and monitored activity at Diet Smith Industries as part of a scheme to steal valuable material and merchandise. He was identified by fingerprints that he and his associates left on cigarette packs that they discarded at their observation post.

Chic and his associates learned that Homer Barley (also known as "Peanutbutter") had aided the police in their attempts to identify them. They then arranged to abduct him. Homer was grabbed off the sidewalk and placed in a duffel bag in the backseat of a car. Chic drove the car to an area outside of the city and left it on a railroad track. A train struck the car and demolished it. Homer was presumed killed.

Chic then rejoined his associate and they were then met by an unnamed fourth ally who picked them up in another car. Their car got a flat tire, and the criminals then stole the high-powered funny car belonging to the mechanic Girly Mac (who they encountered on the roadside).

The funny car was spotted by police in a Space Coupe and a chase ensued. Chic shot at the Space Coupe, as did another member of the group. The criminals lost control of the car. It crashed and caught fire. All four criminals were killed in the blaze. Homer Barley was later found alive.


  • Ambiguity in the artwork can make it difficult to differentiate between Chic Complain and Arty Sidesaddle. They have similar facial features and are both bald on the top of their heads. Initially, Arty was depicted without eyeglasses (which Chic wore). Later, Arty (the dark haired man) was depicted also wearing eyeglasses while Chic did not.
  • Trio
    When Chic's name was first identified, it was presented in quotation marks, indicating that it may be an alias.
  • Chic and Arty were referred to as writers, but this did not prove to be relevant to their storyline.