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Chet Jade was a successful cartoonist who lived in Dick Tracy's city. He had light wavy hair and wore eyeglasses. He typically smoked cigars.

Chet Jade produced the popular newspaper comic strip Sawdust with a team of four assistants. Jade began producing Sawdust in 1946.

Jade was approached by Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem when a decomposed corpse was discovered in a tree near Jade's property. It was eventually discovered that the body was that of Jade's father's business partner Jake Smitz, whom Jade's father had killed in a struggle and sealed inside the tree many years before. Jade was not implicated in the death.

Some time later, Jade hired Moon Maid as a freelance gag writer.


  • Chet Jade was said to have been ten years old in 1918, which would place his date of birth circa 1908. He would have been approximately 56 years old at the time of his first encounter with Dick Tracy in 1964.
  • Chet Jade promoted his comic strip aggressively. In addition to a billboard on his property, he had the name of the strip painted on the side of his car in large letters.
  • Chet Jade was a self-parody of the strip's creator Chester Gould.
  • There is no established connection between Chet Jade and Jade, a victim of Nails Wolley and his gang.