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Cheater Gunsmoke was a villain in the 1960s Dick Tracy cartoon. He was a criminal who smoked cigars, and his face was constantly obscured by a cloud of smoke. He appeared in two episodes.

His first appearance was Episode 7, "Cheater Gunsmoke". He was robbing Grumbles Department Store, and Heap O'Calorie was sent to stop him. Cheater, who had been on a roof, fled into the building and disguised himself as an old lady to fool Heap, but Heap caught on and chased Cheater just as the latter was in the toy department. They engaged in a battle of toys, after which Cheater unlocked a safe and stole some money. Heap ran after Gunsmoke, but inadvertently ran into an empty elevator shaft. Heap survived and Tracy arrived to capture Cheater.

In his second appearance (Episode 33 "Tobacco Load"), Gunsmoke was robbing a cigar store and Hemlock Holmes and the Retouchables were sent to stop him. Cheater raced into the border, hoping to escape the officers' jurisdiction. He disguised himself as a drawbridge operator and tricked Hemlock and the Retouchables into going onto the bridge, which he then raised. Cheater escaped and reached the border, where he poured glue to trap Hemlock and the Retouchables. This backfired when one of the wheel on his car got stuck in the glue. When he tried to escape, Gunsmoke was sent crashing back into Hemlock.


  • Unlike the other villains featured in the show, Cheater Gunsmoke worked alone in both of his appearances and was never paired up with other characters.
  • The name "Cheater Gunsmoke" may have been a play on the name of "Dick Tracy" creator Chester Gould, as they have the same initials and their first name is only one letter different.
  • Cheater Gunsmoke is an original character created by UPA for The Dick Tracy Show. Like the other UPA characters, he is not owned by Tribune Media and is not available to be incorporated into the strip's continuity.
  • Cheater Gunsmoke did not appear in any episodes with Joe Jitsu or Go-Go Gomez.