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Charlie Ginsburg was the house detective of the Sweet Arms Hotel. He had light hair and dark eyebrows. He typically wore a derby hat and smoked a cigar.

Ginsburg was alerted to a disruption of the phone line in the hotel room occupied by Lois Lansen. He went to investigate and discovered Lois' mother confronting Dick Tracy, whom she assumed to be a robber. Unaware that Tracy was a police officer, Ginsburg held him at gunpoint until more police arrived. Tracy's identity was soon established.


  • In his first appearance, Ginsburg wears a dark hat. In each subsequent, his hat is light. Regardless, it is almost certainly meant to be the same character.
  • In his first appearance, Ginsburg is addressed as "Charlie" by the hotel's switchboard operator. He is later called "Ginsburg" by a uniformed police officer who apparently recognizes him.
  • While Ginsburg was a hotel detective and he carried a gun, there was no indication that he was a member of the police department or ever had been.