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The man known as Charlie 21 had been an accountant for the Apparatus. He was an older man who typically wore thick eyeglasses. The top of his head was bald, and he had long, white hair on the sides that stuck out.

Charlie agreed to be a witness against the Apparatus and testify about their illegal activities. This made him a target of assassination, and he was placed in Dick Tracy's protective custody. Charlie was an amiable man with a mischievous nature, and he frightened Tracy and Sam Catchem by eluding them at one point.

The Apparatus contracted the killer-for-hire Abner Kadaver to murder Charlie 21. Kadaver, who was suffering from a terminal illness, tried and failed to kill Charlie with a high-powered blow gun. Later, Charlie convinced Tracy and Catchem to let him attend the final dress rehearsal of Vitamin Flintheart's production of Shakespeare's The Tempest at the Patterson Playhouse.

Kadaver learned that Charlie was in the theater and attempted to kill him with a miniature bow and arrow. Tracy was able to deflect the shot, and Abner was confronted by Ten of Spades while Tracy attempted to get Charlie to safety. Charlie was unharmed and was later returned to the protective custody of the FBI.


  • Charliepants1
    In the strip from May 7th, 2021, Charlie 21 appeared in his boxer shorts. This was part of event called "No Pants Day", in which a number of newspaper comic strips depicted characters without pants on in an effort to encourage readers to donate clothes to local charities whose supply had been depleted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Charlie 21 bore some physical resemblance to Numbers Norton, a character from the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film who was also an accountant for organized crime.