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Charley Yenom ("Money" spelt backwards) was a meat truck truck driver who discovered the fugitive "Little Face" Finny after Little Face spent a night in a sub-zero temperature meat freezer.

"Helping" Little Face[]

Charley, along with his co-worker Thompson, found the unconscious gangster and wondered what he was doing there. Charley soon recognized the man and spirited him away to the Yenom household, where Charley had his wife apply ice to Little Face's frost-bitten face and hands. Charley had recognized the gangster and believed that there was money to be made by providing him with treatment and protection. His wife objected, but Charley ignored her.

When the frostbite did not improve, Charley called for a doctor. While this was going on, Thompson was trying to clean up where Little Face had bled inside the storage unit. He was found by their boss, to whom Thompson told the whole story.

When the doctor arrived at Charley's home, he found it necessary to amputate Little Face's ears, but he was able to save the gangster's hands. When Little Face awoke, Charley told him what had happened and demanded $10,000 as a reward. Little Face called his henchmen and arranged the payoff.

By this time, Charley's boss had called the police. Dick Tracy came to investigate, and he inspected the room where Little Face had been found. He also discovered the frozen animal hides that Little Face had tried to warm himself with. This all led Tracy and his squad to monitor the comings and goings from Charley's home. When Little Face's men arrived, they paid Charley the money he had demanded and tried to smuggle Little Face out by rolling him up in a rug. Dick Tracy detected the ruse, and Little Face, his men, and Charley were all arrested.


  • YonemRG
    A later Rogues' Gallery feature stated that Charley served a prison term of 10 years.