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Charles Ettinger in self-portrait

Charles Ettinger is a comic book artist.

In November of 2017, Ettinger was the first guest artist of a Dick Tracy Minit Mystery, a week-long, self-contained story that appeared in the Dick Tracy comic strip. He temporarily replaced Joe Staton as the strip's penciler, and later served as a guest inker on the strip as well. He had previously contributed a piece of art for the comic book Dick Tracy Meets the Film Pirates.

In early 2024, Mr. Ettinger took over as penciler of the Dick Tracy comic strip. He has the distinction of having drawn the strips that depicted the biological parents of Annie Warbucks. Mr. Ettinger has occasionally engaged with readers on the forum at gocomics.com to explain issues with the art.

In addition to his work on Dick Tracy, Mr. Ettinger has worked on publications from DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics.