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The second man to call himself "The Chameleon" led a gang of criminals who committed robberies while wearing disguises. He had dark wavy hair, thick eyebrows, and a pointed nose.

Recruiting B.O. Plenty[]

When Chameleon and his gang robbed a department store dressed as Santa Claus, circumstantial evidence led to B.O. Plenty (who was working as the department store's Santa) being accused of the crime. The same thing happened later when Chameleon and his gang robbed a costume party.

Dick Tracy set a trap for Chameleon by creating the appearance that B.O. Plenty was a member of Chameleon's gang who was willing to testify. When Chameleon and his accomplices broke into prison to silence Plenty, they clashed with Tracy and were all arrested.


Chameleon (in reverend costume) with his gang.

In court, the gang's lawyer argued that the prison outfits they were wearing (which they had used to infiltrate the prison) might prejudice the jury. The judge agreed to allow the gang to wear different clothes at their trial. Chameleon and his gang then dressed as respectable members of society (such as a reverend and a scout leader). In spite of this, they were found guilty on all charges and received sentences of 20 years in prison.


  • There is no apparent connection to the first villain who called himself the Chameleon, though their methods were extremely similar.
  • According to Agent Kelley of the FBI, Chameleon and his gang had operated in 16 different cities before arriving in Dick Tracy's city.
  • The membership of Chameleon's gang seemed to change in number and makeup. At one point, they seemed to include a woman, but she was not present at the trial.
  • Chameleon is one of the few villains in the strip to be shown appearing in court (see also Steve the Tramp, Baldy Stark, H. Quentin Smirk & Jana Flug, and Dr. Beau Tox).