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During the course of his career in law enforcement, Dick Tracy and the members of the MCU have encountered and defeated many notorious criminals. In many cases, these criminals turned out to have relatives who later sought revenge on Tracy (or Sam, Lizz, etc).

However, some criminals' relatives were also criminals themselves but had little-to-no interest in gaining revenge on Tracy. These characters would not qualify as "Revenge-Seeking Relatives" (i.e. Hi-Top Jones). Similarly, some criminals had relatives who were their allies, but these relatives were not seeking to avenge themselves. They also would not qualify as "Revenge-Seeking Relatives" (i.e. Zora Arson).

This page limits itself to those characters who were seeking revenge against Tracy, the police, and their allies, not those characters who may be seeking revenge against criminals (i.e. Chick Smithly).

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