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Many of the villains in Dick Tracy have associates that are in their employ or are otherwise subservient to them.

While these criminals could often qualify as Villains in their right (by being especially vicious or ingenious), their status as Henchmen is determined by their secondary nature to a main Villain.

In this context "Henchmen" is considered a gender-neutral term.

Association with a criminal is not necessarily an indicator of a Henchman, especially if the criminals operate on an equal level (as partners such as Flyface or Dude), or if the association is unwilling or unknowing. The Summer Sisters, for example, would not qualify as Henchmen of the Brow even though they did his bidding, since it was under duress.

Similarly, a Villain's love interest may be considered an accomplice or an accessory to their crimes, but they would not necessarily qualify as Henchmen (i.e. Honey Doll or Daddy). See "Molls".

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